The Order Of The Forgers (A Microfiction Series)


Part 6: Children No Longer

There was no telling what Sammy would do next while we were at Sensei’s dojo all those years back.

He was the most fearless of us all. He would talk back to Sensei and was capable of enough forethought and agility to predict where Sensei’s infamous Bamboo stick would fall and jump away. During some nights he would sneak to the village down below and bring back meticulously detailed stories of his romanticizing of girls who, going by his account, swarmed him every time he showed up at the village. Better yet, he would bring us a basketful of gulab and other delightful dishes that were specifically on Sensei’s forbidden list.

Today, Sammy is shivering in a corner, his long dirty nails and falling white hair prominent like an admonishment. Life and duty has not become him at all.

‘He is…a Binder…’ his voice cracks as he whispers.

‘I know what he is.’ I interrupt him.

‘Far as…duties go, he is our exact opposite.’

‘I know what he…look, Sammy I need your help, okay buddy? I need to find this guy. I need you to help me find him, and kill him.’

Sammy shakes his head furiously, pulling at his ears and wails, ‘No! No! No! Can’t go back, can’t. Won’t. Can’t go back. Martha, Teo, Frings, dead…Nacho, Ukwe dead, dead. All dead. Can’t go back. Go away!’

‘Yes Sammy, that’s why we need to get you back in tip top shape, so we can go kill this bastard. For them!’

I pull his arm from his face but he shoves me away with such violence and power that for a moment I think I see the fire back in his eyes and am tempted to recount to him his misadventures from his teen years in the hope of fanning the spark. But I hesitate too long and the moment soon slips.

‘Death. Darkness. Can’t go back. Won’t. Go away!’

4 thoughts on “The Order Of The Forgers (A Microfiction Series)

  1. Imran: At my age, I limit my fiction reading to books I’ve been meaning to read forever because at 3 pages a night it takes forever to finish them! I think it’s great that you’ve created a whole world concerned with justice and good and evil and still brings lots of humor to it all. And I like your “home quote” about wolves! I’ll stop by from time to time to see what’s happening in your world there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ellen am sure you’ve read so much literature in your days, so you can recognize the good kind. Which is why am once again extremely humbled by a compliment from you and I’ll be doing my best to produce more for you to read as well as dropping by to read some of yours.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m totally honored. I have an idea for a blog today about originality, the quest for it. We may not have original thoughts all the time, but we always have an original voice! That voice will come through even when the writing isn’t, well, Shakespeare level!

    Liked by 1 person

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