Micro-fiction Monday #3: The 8 O’clock Train.


…wherein Swabri has a train to catch…

Swabri was an impetuous man, and for good reason too, or at least he convinced himself so. He’d grown disenchanted with life in the city. More to the point, he felt his life was headed nowhere. This, in a city that roared and sped past him at every conceivable moment.

One day he met an old man who claimed to possess the power of foresight. Though skeptical at first, Swabri soon found himself gradually lured in by the man’s seemingly grandiose tales of the future.

He told Swabri of an enchanted train that left at 8.00 o’clock every morning for the countryside. On it, he alleged that Swabri would meet his future wife. They would marry within the year in a ceremony that would draw in luminaries and nobility from across the world. His wife-to-be’s father owned a manufacturing plant and a coffee plantation the size of a small continent, wherein Swabri would expend his new career for not one decade before taking over his father-in-law’s company.

The man then parted ways with Swabri, amid awkward hugs of gratitude and pats of encouragement. Swabri, seeing no reason not to, took the man’s advice to heart.

But because he was an impetuous man, he took the 7.59 train instead of the 8.00 o’clock one.

And that train…well that train didn’t take him anywhere good at all.