A cure for the holidays

The holidays are over,

And it feels like the earth is pulling double Gs on you,

You look in the mirror and feel sick,

You tie your belt,

And everything suffocates below the waist,

The holidays are your enemy,

Or so it feels,

But there is a cure,

Though you might not approve,

It doesn’t matter,

Because there’s nothing better than,

Bicep flexing,

Apathy vexing

Hamstring tauting,

Knee haunting,

Suicide drilling,

No jokes grilling,

Basketball jumping,

Cross jacks stamping,

Football running,

More useful than punning,

Confidence building,

Teammate guilding?

Endurance stretching,

Mountain climbers reaching,

Core crunching,

Open palm punching,

And please no back-hunching,

Plank work supporting,

Mouth-breathing aborting,

BMI flattering,

Personal records shattering,

Calisthenics improving,

Downward-dog grooving,

Don’t look at me – get moving,

Endorphin churning,

Cholestrol burning,

Fire exhaling,

Poor health repelling,

Metabolism through the roof,

Better than fool proof,

Bad habits’ demise,



yep and a big ol’ stretch right before and after!


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