The Tormented

Part One A perfectly rational individual spends dinner with friends, shares his day’s misadventures with them and laughs heartily at every joke they throw in, but only six hours later is discovered wandering the streets, carrying a bazooka and laughing like a maniac. Wouldn’t you say that is the very definition of rapid decline? Of … More The Tormented

Liebster Award 2018

Greetings and salutations to you all! Oh what great joy! To find myself nominated for a WordPress award for the first time ever, and that less than a week before my second blog anniversary (has it been that long already?). Anyway, if I sound excited today it is because in being nominated for this award … More Liebster Award 2018

The Order Of The Forgers (A microfiction series)

Part One: In Deplorable Company. ‘This is a secured government building. How did you break in?’ He’s in full control of this conversation. It ebbs and rises as he sees fit. He alternates between using his tongue or his fists to communicate. I in turn respond well within my disposition with silence, grunts of pain … More The Order Of The Forgers (A microfiction series)