The Tormented

Part One A perfectly rational individual spends dinner with friends, shares his day’s misadventures with them and laughs heartily at every joke they throw in, but only six hours later is discovered wandering the streets, carrying a bazooka and laughing like a maniac. Wouldn’t you say that is the very definition of rapid decline? Of … More The Tormented

Microfiction Monday #4: Of Extroverts, Introverts and The Troglodyte.

…wherein animals talk and do…stuff… He approached the pride of lions with well-founded apprehension at first. Upon realizing they did not plan on being hostile to him, he walked more confidently and joined them as one would his own family. They took him in. He reinvented his life around their endless pilgrimage through the Savannah. … More Microfiction Monday #4: Of Extroverts, Introverts and The Troglodyte.

The Tormented

Part Two Perhaps this is as good a time as any to let you know that you’re going to die. No I don’t mean that in an existential kind of way, ‘All living things will die’, no I mean that you, sadly have no further part to play beyond this story. This is the end … More The Tormented


We’re different you and I, And couldn’t be further away, From being alike.   You cry more, And I laugh less. You write from left to right, From right to left I write, You like to sing and dance, Singing while dancing, I’ve done not once.   But…   We hear whispers, Where others, Only … More Different.