The Author

A computer technology undergraduate in Kenya who spends way more time reading books than his doctor generally recommends.

If you’re one to believe in the hearsay, it has been claimed by many that most of the day, I am easily spotted in my natural habitat walking around in my boxer and vest, a book or e-reader in my hand, mumbling unintelligibly. It has been said, I don’t know for sure.

It has also been said that I just might be one of those guys who hatch diabolical plans to take over the world by capturing the imagination of people, ensnaring strangers to their own unique way of thinking and hopefully thawing hearts frozen by a long absence of literature. This part could be true.

Or at least am working on it!


The Blog

I started MyLitCorner to scratch an itch for writing that I’d been feeling for a while and to resume my journey into the writing world that I had put on hold for far too long.

But whilst the blog was started with no clear objective in mind, I have come to realize that there is a lot to be written about concerning society and…well, society. Posts on this blog will vary from bizarre stories of fiction to the jarring and closer-to-home pieces about our Swahili Muslim culture.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Either works fine. Ellen, really the pleasure is really mine to read your work. There’s so much more insight in your articles than I can possibly find in my peers’. So thank you too for sharing with all of us!


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