30-Word Fiction Challenge

Parachute. A bit late to the scene, (more than a year to be precise), but here’s my entry to the 30-word fiction challenge by Magunga: He told himself he would do anything to be part of their group. “Stupid!” He cried one day, fumbling with his parachute handle on his first and last ever skydive.

When A Former Microsoft Exec Visited Mombasa

About a fortnight ago, news cropped from seemingly nowhere that Mark Zuckerberg was in Nairobi, packing himself full of Mama Oliech’s world famous fried fish. As it turned out, his visit to Kenya was impromptu and followed his two-day visit to Nigeria, earning Kenyans platitudes like ‘hijackers’ after we accomplished the same with the Pope’s … More When A Former Microsoft Exec Visited Mombasa

Life Is Art

Life is art, living is a form of art. I know, it sounds like a cheesy line you would expect an eccentric antagonist in a B movie to use when gloating to his bemused opposite number, while sipping on a glass of margarita with olives, but yes indeed I have uttered those words and I … More Life Is Art

The Lion Loses His Mane II

Part Two…
…He never truly understood the circus that was politics and he did not much care about trying to. He’d been relieved of that burden when he joined the police force. He had a commanding officer above him, whose orders he had to follow. That officer had another one above him and so on all the way to the commander-in-chief. When the orders came trickling down the chain of command, there was no time for a “maybe let’s think about this first” discussion…. … More The Lion Loses His Mane II

The Lion Loses His Mane

Part one…
Badi leafed through the earlier pages with his thumb pinned on the current page, like a bookmark. He stopped somewhere closer to the center before he began reciting, “Look, here he says: ‘African politics, like most things about our continent, have taken on an ugly and painfully unassailable face that seems to veer further and further from the vision that spurred on the freedom fighters of the African nations…’”

The old man considered that point for a moment, his son’s narrating voice a backdrop against the conversation inside his mind… … More The Lion Loses His Mane

Disaster At Room 108

Disaster struck today. Not the grand-stage Hollywood-type global tsunami or a continent-sized asteroid hurtling towards mother earth makes men and women at NASA and CNSA cry ‘mummyyyyy’ and soil their pants. No, no. It was much more subtle than that. It certainly wasn’t enough to cause the bedbugs infesting the resident halls around here much … More Disaster At Room 108